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Smiffys Skeleton Black Liquid Latex Face & Body Paint Halloween Special FX Kit

This Skeleton Awesome Black & white Liquid Latex Face Paint is perfect for crafting your monochromatic Halloween look with incredibly contrasting colours, this liquid latex face paint is a perfect alternative to regular creme or Grease face paints when vivid & opaque colour is required without Cracking or Fading with Sweat. With a Poly-Brush® sponge applicator included, this kit is incredibly easy to use and is sure to add the finishing touch to your look. Flexible, Vivid colour, non-cracking and comfortable to wear. Peals off when you wish to remove the product. Made in the USA Product Size: Liquid Latex - 2 x 1oz (29.5ml) The Perfect Make Up Kit For Skeletons, Ghosts, Demons Such as Valak the Nun or Baugul.. This is the Perfect product for maintaining your look all night! Ideal for Halloween!
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