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Ladies White Save The Ocean Vest Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Tank Top UK

Here we have the Ladies White Save the Ocean Vest in the Finding nemo style! Perfect for Anyone with a love and respect for the ocean, Aquatic Wildlife Conservationists, Surfers, Scuba Divers, Sustainable Fishermen and like i said Anyone who loves the sea, and realises the sea isn't just a mass of salty water its a whole Universe waiting to be discovered and explored full of Life! - But now its our Job to save it from Micro-Plastic Pollution, Overfishing, Chemical Pollution, Trawlers Desimating Coral Reefs that take hundreds of years to grow, and Fishermen who Catch bi-catch in their nets and Believe me the List Goes on! Available in: X-Small / Small / Medium / Large / X-Large. Made from 100% Cotton.
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